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Julie Johnson has spent her professional career committed to serving her fellow citizens, as an advocate for those without a strong and compassionate voice in the legal system and as a champion of equality and fair-minded values in public policy.

A native of Alabama, Julie attended the University of Texas and the University of Houston Law School and has made Texas her home for over 30 years.

As a practicing attorney in Dallas County, Julie has effectively represented clients ranging from business owners to employees, health care providers to patients, students, parents and families. Her career has given her the opportunity to create and build relationships with people from every segment of society. Julie considers that opportunity to understand the needs of others to be one of the greatest rewards of her career.

Julie’s experience as a mediator in both civil litigation and family law has created a style of leadership that is focused both on results and putting people first.

As a small-business owner responsible for the growth and financial well-being of her employees, Julie understands the value and reward of hard work. Experience has taught her that building a business requires both personal strength and steadfast dedication. She believes that the important role of business owners and entrepreneurs should never be underestimated or limited beyond what their imaginations can conceive.

In her most sacred role as that of a parent to her two sons, Julie’s perspective on the importance of looking ahead brings with it an intimate understanding of how the present creates the future.

Julie grew up witnessing the vital role education plays in the lives of children. Both her parents and grandparents were teachers. Steeped in the importance of a strong education, her access to educational opportunities has been at the center of her own professional success, and as a mom of two teenage boys Julie believes in the right for all Texans to equal opportunity for a quality education from early childhood through high school graduation and beyond. Julie is passionate about ensuring that a quality education is available to every child, no matter the circumstances of their birth.

A mother to two teenagers, Julie is married to Dr. Susan Moster, a respected North Texas gastroenterologist. Keeping up with the needs of two young men is her favorite challenge. Julie is also a classically trained vocalist who, in her career has sung with groups ranging from church choirs to the Dallas Symphony Chorus.

Julie understands that the essence of public service is a responsibility to others. Finding common goals and values and employing good judgement on behalf of every stakeholder should be the priority of a public servant.

As a candidate running to represent Texas House District 115, Julie’s priorities are creating fair-minded policy for all Texans, recognizing that our diversity and shared values are the true strengths of our community, preparing our children for the future , having a strong public education system and ensuring that the ability to earn a fair wage is available to everyone.

Representing the people of House District 115 in Austin is an honor. Julie Johnson will put people over politics and insure that mutual respect and good judgement take the lead in the public-policy dialogue that creates our future.